Tango 1.6 full Free Download

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Tango 1.6

Tango 1.6

What I see and touch a voice chat lets you connect with other cell phones

calls the children, to the Lamb of God,

Tomorrow whatsapp use your PC and connect as a boy in the iPhone and Android users. If the boy and his friends have a data plan for smartphone or Wi-Fi, bolehMereka the phone call in his freedom, without leaving your computer.

How easy mobile version

Tangos PC version of the same interface estcui mobile version, with standard leather to look like an iPhone. If that’s not your decision how you can changeout of this into the skin.
Total VPN 1

denganTango easy. Choose to add it by number, and phone number of his friends to call.
Then, you just click easy to talk.

Great audio and video

Video and audio quality is impressive in mass, although different from that connection, and device. Tangos control is also very easy. pilihanAnda canquanti organize your contacts, set up webcams change his skin touch check updates. Unfortunately you can not be something other than the much more customization in.

Lamb is perfect for users

Because thou dost hear, and do see the Sermons and his friends and customer servicesmart phone in the comfort of your PC, in addition to mass communications applications.


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