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Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7

When you think that you can see the different versions of Internet Explorer all the ice age, Microsoft hits the world in a new version of brauzera.Eto all his power so long ago that many Internet users concerned to wait for Microsoft to update technology and other itakuwaupande , especially by Firefox.Teper big, bad king in the world of browsers are not in the mood to see the title of struggling, but if you do not want simply to dispelthey? DlyaStartery, the new interface has been streamlined, of course, almost stripped niuluchsheniem.Microsoft menu bar, and hide all the tools and functions into one compact set of icons on the top right of the narrow interfeysa.Eto lets you view the page in a position very powerful to watch.
IE also decided kusaidiazilizowekwa view tab. Including the “New Tab” to open the acute and brilliant “Quick buttons”, which opens a thumbnail previewall open tabs on skrinsatu, compared with Firefox, IE 7 really be around kifungokila vkladke.Vy can also save a group of tabs as your home page, so they can start. Also evaluated the preview tool, which adjusts the page to match the size of your paper.

IE 7 has kuboreshanjia integrate RSS. Each time they encounter a site that supports RSS, toolbar icon will change to orange tsvet.Nazhmite her character and youwill be taken to a page that will display all of these facilities suapanuntuk michangohii sayta.Prosto click the link to add izbrannoe.Vy You can also subscribe by clicking the little star on the left. Unlike Firefox, however, no representation drop-down favorite of every element in fide.Tsentr, opened with a great big star icon, kugawanywakwa your favorite channels, and history. Security usually is one of the weaknesses of character IE.Pomimo Popup Blocker, version7 anti-phishing filter to guard. Simply, we opened izvestnyeFishingovyhPhishtank published on the site. Our ambition, filters can not provide a large number of them. Phishing protection can not be an IE 7, but at least the browser security protocol SSL 2.0 and TLS 1. 3. 0 and 0 as Firefox. Despite much progress, ie still far from perfect. Like Firefox, IE does not pass the test Acid2 and not kusaidiakaribuni standarty.My we found behindIE and sniff you open a new tab, check the appliance and the use of new nastroek.
Halo: Combat Evolved 1 Download Free Vy can add a large number of providers search panel and add web Firefoxlaman Microsoft, but it is still very small but Firefox.Krome kulikougani for Mozilla, IE 7 is really limited to those with XP SP2, and for some reason you need to disable antivirus software and restart your computer to install properly.


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