Mobizen 2.12 installer download free

Mobizen 2.12

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Mobizen 2.12

Mobizen for the desktop version of the service to manage remote devices for Android, and include some additional features of the web version.

Your phone with Windows

As far as phone manufacturersAndroid main insist Phonesdan Windows, do not get along. Yes, you can access your files and photos via USB, but it is the application as: Mobizen a system similar to android. Mobizen allow vashAndroidOn Windows, as if in front of you, use the mouse.

Of course, you have your cell phone can access music, photos and videos, truly wireless.

It includes an interesting feature that allows you to record screen phone remotely.It is ideal for creating a video tutorial or menulisSaat you’re playing, but your phone must be strong enough to get the best video quality.

Relatively easy to use

Mobizen little more complicated thanAndroid, but not much. First of all, you need membuataccount, and then select the number of the PIN code to improve security.

Now, sometimes ask you to install additional support,Without further explanation that it was the economy or that he refused to connect without any reason.

How ituEither, remote access to work and without much delay. You can use your phone toWindows, or even communicate without problems.

Mobizen a floating window interface similar phone. Mungkinmemindahkannya you anywhere, but unfortunately, you can not change it.

Android and Windows closer

BecauseMobizen, the line between your Windows phone, will be a little thinner. It is not, as well as additional features such as: android for now, but the screen remote work.

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