Cricket Captain 2016 Windows XP/7/8/10 Free Download

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Cricket Captain 2016

Cricket Captain 2016

Cricket Captain 2016 detailed management simulation that is purely focused on the world of cricket. This latest version is an updated and improved installment of the popular franchise, which proclaim the best cricket management series ever.

Extensive attention to detail around five domestic leagues

As a management simulation, Cricket Captain has 2016The attention to detail one would expect from an in-depth sports game. Included, and are available forcontrol are 79 teams 5binnenlandse leagues. The updated 3D match engine has a number of clear and realistic graphics and animations that add a sense of realism. 20/20 One-day games and experiences are also part of the game. The simulation includes a complete database of players, each with a set of skills that are available as managers, you have to use tactically to bring success to your chosen team. To keep it interesting, there are also many successes.

Aaddictive experience for cricket fans

Cricket fans will especially enjoy the addictive gameplay of Cricket Captain 2016. With an impressive list of playable teams to choose from, each with real squads of players with different array of talents and skills to earn success is a good challenge. The 3D match engine looks great and brings a realistic dimension to a management career.

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